Welcome to the RGD Group online registration system.

As part of RGD Group sub-contractor contractual obligations, all sub-contractors, including their employees who work on an RGD Group construction site, are required to complete an online registration before entering a construction site.

RGD Group requires a record of this online registration and therefore you are required to complete the following registration before contracting for RGD Group.

Sub-contractors or Agents
If you are a sub-contractor or an agent supplying project personnel, you can log in with the details supplied to you by RGD Group in your ‘RGD Project Requirements’ email.

If you are an employee of a sub-contractor, you will need to complete the RGD Group online registration.

Once the registration is completed you will receive an email with your registration details and personal identification number.

Also provided are details on how you can update your personal information when your details change.

This email provides a ‘record of registration’, please Store this email on your smartphone and provide it as evidence.

Upon entry to an RGD Group project site office, you must provide ‘record of registration’ to project management and complete a short ‘site specific induction’ prior to commencing any works on site.

No proof of registration = no entry!